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Android Lap Timer app

Posted in Uncategorized by julianjelfs on February 6, 2013

When I was training for my first ultra-marathon, I used the Galloway run-walk marathon training method, where you run for a bit and then walk for a bit (read about it here). I had been using 5 minutes running and then 1 minute walking and then later I moved to 4 minutes running and 45 seconds walking. 

I had programmed an advanced workout into my Garmin 405 to beep at me and help me maintain this cycle. On my 25+ mile training runs I realised that the Garmin (which I hate for many other reasons also) was not going to last the course before the battery died. I didn’t want to be clock watching while running this thing so I decided to create a (very) simple Android app. I just enter the run time in seconds and the walk time in seconds and hit start and it beeps and vibrates at the end of each cycle. 


On many occasions when the Garmin was having one of its hissy fits this simple Android app came to the rescue and it performed beautifully on the day of the race too. 

For the 0.000001% of the population that run for more than 6 hours, use a run-walk approach to  training, are on the exact version of Android that I am and know how to build it – you can find the source on my GitHub!

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